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2 Links between 4 Switches - Urgent

I have asked some questions on this before but please need more clarification.

We have the below

SwitchA - Link1 - SwitchB



SwitchC - Link2 - SwitchD

I want redundancy over the 2 links.

Its been suggested to use GEC whereby we will have to move the 2 links onto SwitchA and SwitchB. But we do not want to do this.

Another suggestion is to use MHSRP but we have always maintained one HSRP (gateway) over the switch network. In this MSHRP instance we will have to maintain 2 HSRP in order to achieve not putting the links together. We want the 2 links on 2 separate switches.

We want load balancing and still will like the 2 link on separate switches.

Please help!!! Urgent


Re: 2 Links between 4 Switches - Urgent

are these a layer 2 or layer 3 links?

do these links carry multiple VLANs?

if you say load balancing, do you want traffic for few VLANs should be on one links and traffic for other VLANs should be on the other link or you are looking for something else?

New Member

Re: 2 Links between 4 Switches - Urgent


We are still trying to decide if we should go for L2 or L3.

The one between

SwitchC- switchD used to be an access link and the one between

SwitchA - SwitchB is a trunk link carrying all VLAN

Now we want to best solution so that both links carry the traffic between them

What happened was that the link between SwitchA-SwitchB became really heavy so now we want to spread the traffic across the 2 links and remove the link between switchC - SwitchD from being an access link.


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