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2 switch and 1 server

HI all!

I have one fundamental question. I have 2 switches caatalyst 3750 and 1 server HP Proliant with

one network adapter with 2 interfaces. Both these interfaces combined, so I have team on server.

Next, I connects that 2 interfaces of server in different switches. I want to know that scheme will worked, or not.

And two interfaces will work both, or only one?


Re: 2 switch and 1 server

Assuming you have HSRP running between your 2 switches & gateway on the server is the HSRP IP, yes it will work.

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Re: 2 switch and 1 server

No, I mean that it is a access layer, on this layer I can do only L2 servises, after access layer I have core on switch catalyst 3750, and only core catalyst have IP of server's vlan

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Re: 2 switch and 1 server

Hi Andrey,

I think your question is more server related.

From the network side there shouldn't be any problem. I guess your access layer switches will use same VLAN (or broadcast domain) for interfaces connected to the server and up to the core layer, so if you'll configure the server, to use one int as primary and second as a backup, it will work (if i understand well what you're trying to achieve). If not, correct me.


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Re: 2 switch and 1 server

You understand well, but I want to know What will be if I configure int on server as primary both.

Re: 2 switch and 1 server


Yes, they will work fine. You will need to use some sort of teaming software on the servers which teams both interfaces togather to perform loadbalancing. This software creates a virtual interface on the Windows Servers which you will configure with relevant IP configurations etc. You will not assign IPs to individual physical interfaces but you will assign IP address to that virtual interface and both individual physical interfaces will be the team member inside that virtual interface.

On the switch side you will configure Switchports normal. You can connect both interfaces to only one switch or 2 different switches as you wish.

its straight forward but let us know if you need more help



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