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2 x 1GB connection

I had to repost this as I need help urgently. I need to move the line this weekend.


I need to do the following:

Please find attached what I am trying to do. We have a lot of VLANs and yes the 2 x 1GB links are trunk and under the same vtp so have all the VLANS across all switches.


1. From the diagram on prop.jpg, where should I move the red 1GB link to? I need to move it away from the red switches onto the black switches at DR.

2. If I just plug the red 1GB it into one of the black switches at DR, will traffic betrween the main site and DR move along both 1GB Link. I need to do load balancing as the existing 1GB link is getting really overloaded. SO I want to be able to configure such that traffic moves along the 1 x 1GB link.



Re: 2 x 1GB connection

Hi Friend,

What you need to do in this case is:

1. Make one 6509 as primary root switch for few of the vlans and another 6509 as secondry root bridge for few of the vlans.

2. Make Even vlans like 2,4,6 on one switch and 3,5,7 on the other switch. Do viceversa on other switch make it as a primary root switch for odd vlans and secondry for even vlans.

3. Once that is done then configure the respective vlan interface on the 6509's and run the HSRP on the 6509's. Again, make one 6509 which is the primary root switch for even vlans as the active router for the even vlans and standby for the odd vlans.

4. Do the vice versa on the other switch and that make the HSRP active for the odd vlans for which the switch is primary root and make the standby for even vlans.

Below is the link for configuring the HSRP:

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

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Re: 2 x 1GB connection


But can I not put the 2 x 1GB link on to any of the C3550 and configure things like per destination, per packet and so on so that traffic goes over both lines?.

Will there be a problem if I link all the siwitches and then plug in the 1GB link to any of the switches?

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