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2600XM - Looking for flash file



I'm attempting to rebuild a spare router for the very old voip system at work, just in case ours ever falls over, i'll have some sort of disaster plan.

I've sourced a second user router, and am looking to flash this to the same version as our current router which is c2600-IPVOICEK9-MZ.124-2-T6


Is this available to download from anywhere ??

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Yes, the IOS is available for

Yes, the IOS is available for download as long as you have a CCO account and a service contract on the router.


New Member

So even though we own it

So even though we own it outright, your'e saying that i'm not allowed to backup my own equipment ?

If I was expanding the system, then I'd agree that would be a bit naughty, but all i want to do is put something in place just in case disaster strikes.

The box would be sitting in a cupboard ready to either rip parts out of or swap out.

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Correct, you own the box, but

Correct, you own the box, but if you are planning to upgrade the code, you would need a service contract.  If you bought the box 3 years ago and did not maintain a service contract then you can't really upgrade it. It can cause legal issues for the company you are working for.  To be sure you may want to check with your sales rep.


Cisco Employee

Totally agree with Reza

Totally agree with Reza.


Could you please check with your sales rep on this before doing anything rather than getting into mess.



New Member

Sales rep ?? We bought this

Sales rep ??


We bought this building in 2008 and bought the Call Centre Manager from the previous owners, we have no service contract, or rep.

Ok, lets say the PSU fails in ours, i can swap out the psu from the spare no probs.

What if the mainboard fails?? where is the flash file stored.

Is this on the main board rendering it useless ?



Cisco Employee

Lets keep it simple if the

Lets keep it simple if the device doesnt have valid cisco contract dont run the copied IOS on it as when you would be downloading the image you are accepting the terms and conditions on it.

Now its up to you to take the decision.




New Member

it will come in handy for

it will come in handy for parts i guess.

Cisco Employee

A few years ago, Cisco had

A few years ago, Cisco had put a "gentleman's agreement" when it comes to downloading IOS.  This means that you are FREE to download any IOS as long as you have a valid Service Contract.  Cisco has stopped this from happening after they discovered people were abusing this goodwill when they download, for example, Advanced IP Services IOS when they never bought license-to-use this feature set in the first place.

Now, if you bought an appliance from a valid Cisco dealer, you can get the dealer to furnish you with the service contract which associates to the serial number of the Cisco product(s) you now own.  However, this also means you need to pay for the "right" to download software.  It's like buying a computer.  You still need to purchase additional software.



Cisco Employee

An update is when you get

An update is when you get software of a newer version but the mostly same capbility.

An upgrade is when you get software of substantially improved capability or new features in a feature family.

A feature set upgrade is when you move up to a different licensed set of features.

In general, service contracts will get you updates and ugrades, but feature set upgrades will require a purchase (just like going from Windows Home to Windows Ultimate, for example)

The issue which i posted above was in January 2011 change where software center started a more rigourous enforcement of access based on covered products, which prevented users from downloading software for devices and device families for which they had no service contract.  Customers have always needed a service contract to download Cisco IOS; the change merely disabled the ability to inadventently download software for which no active service contract existed.

For more details on the Software Download center, please see

Hope this clarifies your query.



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I am not sure if this is

I am not sure if this is breaking the rules with it being a specific voice IOS but why not just TFTP the image off your existing router and TFTP it onto the new one?

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That is breaking the rules

That is breaking the rules and it is illegal specially if he is doing that for a business.