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2811 and 8 port serial card


When I install 8 port serial SYN/ASYN card in 2811, it comes as unknown card adapter. IOS doesnot recognized it, I am using 12.3T

and have 64M flash and 256M DRAM.

Any idea if this card is supported. It does work in 2600 or 3600.



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Re: 2811 and 8 port serial card

Hi Shahid

Not all cards that work in the 2600/3600 series will work in the 2800 series routers.

Attached is a Q&A document for the 2800 routers. About a third of the way down there is a section on network modules and there is a list of cards not supported by the 2811. See if your card is on this list.



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Re: 2811 and 8 port serial card

The NM-8A/S card should be supported by 2800 series routers.

What is it that you are attempting to do with this card? They (Cisco) have moved some features around with the newer code revs such as STUN tunneling.

Latest version of 12.3 IOS that is listed as supporting the card is 12.3-14T, otherwise 12.4-10 or 12.4-11.T1

I'm not sure about the 2800 series, but specific models of cards were completely unsupported in the 3600 series depending on which code train you were using. (A good example is that a 3600 shipped from the factory wouldn't recognize a NM-1FE or NM-2FE module)

You can use the Software Adviser tool on Cisco's website to enter in the router hardware and find compatible software versions with your hardware ahead of time.

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