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2851 router config & vwic2-2mft-t1/e1

Hello everyone! I am posting again for some help with very basic stuff. I just received a 2851 router and 2 new dual port wic's. we just got in a 3meg pipe and have an existing point to point to move onto it. the problem is that i need help putting some ATT provided ips on this router to make it work. i am just a telephone guy that is having to learn this stuff on the fly.

question 1: since 2 bonded t-1s are giving me the 3m pipe, where do i assign the customer serial ip address? or do i assign the same to both of them? on other routers i thought it was int ser 0/0 command. but on this router i have to use controller? pleae help me straighten this out. I would like to be able to test the router and make sure it talks to ma bell on Friday. I know this is basic, but i could use all of the pointers i can get. i bought a couple of cisco books but it is so new to me i get quite confused. my hope is to become somewhat proficient in this so i can really work with data more than voice. can anyone help a phone guy out? is there an example config i can use and just enter my own ip addresses?


Re: 2851 router config & vwic2-2mft-t1/e1

I think after you install the VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 card, you do not recognize the card from the IOS. You need to issue the card type {t1 | e1} command to configure the router in order to recognize the card. Refer to Configuration Examples for Second-Generation 1- and 2-Port T1/E1 Multiflex Trunk Voice/WAN Interface Cards for more information

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