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2912XL configuration

Hi all,

I am starting studying for my CCNA and am putting a home lab together.

I've just bought a 2912XL switch off ebay but cannot log in to switch.


1) Can I use a patch cable (Cat5) from my PC to the switch (console) to start a session or do I need to connect a serial( one end - PC) and an RJ45 (one end - switch)?

2) Ho do I find out its current IP address (previous owner's settings)? As I cannot seem to be able to login to it.

I've also installed Cisco Network Assistant on my PC to manage the switch, but when trying to create a new community it asks for IP address which I do not know.

Help is very much appreciated.


Re: 2912XL configuration

Hi, you should read next url that will help you to access to your switch:

First -> how to connect a terminal to access to the switch:

Second -> password recovery to access to the configuration


Hope this helps, if so pls rate post

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Re: 2912XL configuration


txs for your reply.

1) I understand I cannot use a 'normal' network cable (Rj45) to hook up my PC to the switch, but one of those RJ45 rollover (flat) cables (will try to get hold of one tomorrow).

2)Both links appear to be the same. Is this what you meant?



Re: 2912XL configuration

Sorry for the second link, it has been a bad copy, the correct link it's about password recovery:

And about the cable, yes, you need a rollover cable as the url says, you cannot use a "normal" RJ45.


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Re: 2912XL configuration

for connectivity connect ur system with switch using hyper terminal software .. which is part of accessories

then give default setting in port setttings ( screen no 3 of the program)

then just give ip address of your network to vlan 1

then ping ur system from switch's global mode

then give the ip address of VLAN1 to cisco network assistant on your pc or you can start telent session with bydefault user name and password

hope this may help you

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