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2921 connecting to non managed switch

This is for a short temporary time until I get cisco 3560s in place. I have a 2921 configured  and it is connecting to an HP non managed non VLAN switch and I cant get any traffic to pass from my computer to the router (pings or anything). Here is brief configuration that should be enough.


int ge0/0

no ip address

duplex full

speed 1000

int ge0/0.2

Management VLAN

encapsulation dot1Q 2

ip address

int ge0/0.192


encapsulation dot1Q 192

ip address

int ge0/0.92

Voice VLAN

encapsulation dot1Q 20

ip address

Here are my vlans 1-default, 2-management, 192-data, 92-voice, i believe its running rapid spanning tree protocol. Do i have to take off encapsulation on my data vlan to get it to work or make the data vlan default vlan for everything. I am lost as to why this is not working. any help is much appreciated. i can get a config tomorrow if necessary

GE0/0 ---> HP Switch  port ----> my PC.  pc cant ping data vlan IP


Re: 2921 connecting to non managed switch

If it's a non-vlan switch is it going to support trunking? You can try setting the data vlan as the native vlan (encapsulation dot1q # native) so that they're untagged. Maybe it'll pass traffic for just that vlan.

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2921 connecting to non managed switch

Excellent responses from all of you. I will try each of these starting from top to bottom and reply with which of them worked. looks to me like all of them would work just different ways of accomplishing the goal. Anyways I will reply.

2921 connecting to non managed switch

I would have the ge0/0 in vlan 192 (sw ac vl 192) and the svi for vlan 192 as  Remove other ints on ge0/0 interface.

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Re: 2921 connecting to non managed switch

Here what I believe the hp switch is dropping the packets because they are tagged, you need to use access port and send untangled packet through the hp switch

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2921 connecting to non managed switch

  You cannot trunk to a non managed switch , you can only have a single subnet on the router supporting the switch.  If you needed more than a single range you could add a secondary address to the router interface.

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