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2948G-L2 VLAN Trunking

I know some of the 29xx series switches will only do trunking on the uplink ports and not on all ports. Can you do VLAN trunking on all 48 FE ports on a 2948G-L2?

I have a couple older 2916M switches that only support it on the 2x module slots and not the other ports. I need to upgrade to an affordable L2 switch that can do the VLAN trunks on the 48 FE ports.

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Re: 2948G-L2 VLAN Trunking

I don't think you mean a 2948G...that's a REALLY old series. Do you really mean the 2950/2960 series 48-port models? If so then yes, you can setup a trunk on any of the ports available.

What you might need to research is what type of trunk you need. Cisco has made a move away from ISL for sure and most access devices no support ISL, only dot1q.


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Re: 2948G-L2 VLAN Trunking

Yes, I mean 2948G. We need basic L2 connectivity to some hosted servers. We only need dot1q trunking as they will connect to a 5505 switch for vlan termination.

I was able to get the info from our vendor as they tested it and it does support vlan trunking on all 48 ports and the 2x gbic slots.

They are older units, but we also have the 5505s and 3640s in the mix as well. In a year or so the 5505s and 3640s will be upgraded to a better core edge combo.

Thanks for the info.

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