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2950 connected to 3548 gi works, fa does not

I have a 2950G at my desk that I use to connect devices I am working on. Right now I have a pile of 3548s I need to upgrade to WC17 and config. I much prefer to use TFTP vs xmodem to upload the new ios. I thus connected one port on the 2950 to one on the 3548. When I use an fa port I get no link light and down-down status. When i use 1000-BASET gbics I get connectivity. I have the exact same configs on both ports. For the 2950 i have switchport mode access and switchport access vlan 521 on both fa0/47 and gi0/2. I have blank configs on the 3548 on fa0/48 and gi0/1. When i connect between the 2 gbics I get up/up when I connect between the 2 FAs i get down/down. This doesn't make any sense! Is there something I am missing/ I am running 12.0(5)WC16 on the 3548 and 12.1(22)EA9 on the 2950G.

Thanks for the assistance!

Cisco Employee

Re: 2950 connected to 3548 gi works, fa does not

Please check the cable that you are using to connect between the two FA ports. You might be using a straight cable. You have to use a cross-over cable between the switch ports.


-amit singh

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