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2950 - Momentary Net drop

Cisco 2950 w/fiber connect to 4006.

On Tuesday night and again this morning users in 3 different dept's had their pc's drop from the network. Duration was less than 3 sec. I traced all 3 dept's to one closet where the pc's in question are connected to different switches.

These switches all connect to the 2950. When I do a show int on both the 2950 and 4006, I see no errors.

Is there another way to determine what the issue may be and is this symptomatic of possible switch failure? Please note that this is the first time, iirc, that something like this has happened.



Re: 2950 - Momentary Net drop

Look in the logg and see if anything shows up in that time period , hopefully you are using ntp for the clock so you can correlate the log messages to when the outages occured , look for connecting links that went down during that period also make sure the 2950 did not rebot itself because is about the time it takes for a 2950 to reload . Check that by using a show version and look at the uptime .

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Re: 2950 - Momentary Net drop

It does show some entries for int up/dwn on Tues but there is nothing for this morning. Uptime is >3 years.

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