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2950 switch blink orange

Hai everybdy,

We have two 2950 switches.20 PC's are connected to each 2950.They were working fine till now.....suddenly ,the primary one started blinking orange...wat wud be the reason?i have tried resatrd it.....its is highly important as it is in refinery ......

Hope to get reply ASAP....




Re: 2950 switch blink orange

Which LED is blinking amber? This document should help you diagnose the issue

Community Member

Re: 2950 switch blink orange

Hai Mark,

Thank you for the response...

Well the website gave me enough information....But need ur help again....

I have 2950-24 non-LRE switch.I have isolated the switch and powerd on.This is wat i found...

All LEDs were Green for a minute...Then Stat LED was Alternate Green /Amber for 2 sec(where all other LED was Amber)Then all LED went Amber except UTIL,which was green and restart after this sequence....Can you please tell me wat may b the cause?Is there any problem in Hardware?As i cant connect it to Pc'c to find any configuration fault...

Please show some light on it....


Re: 2950 switch blink orange

Look in the log it will more than likely tell you what is going on . Trying to troubleshoot just by looking at the color of the led's will not lead to a solution you must plug into the console port and look at the switch may capture the bootup sequence if you power up the switch.

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