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2950 switch

What is the command to enable dhcp on the switch. And to put in a IP range

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You can configure the DHCP on 2950 switch but there are some limitations on 2950 being a L2 switch:

1) Multiple DHCP pools can be configured on a 2950 switch

2) A VLAN interface within the same subnet as the DHCP pool must be configured on the switch. Multiple VLAN interfaces (to match multiple DHCP pool ip subnets) can be configured

3) Only one VLAN interface can be active at any one time. The remainder of the VLAN interfaces will be Admin Down (by IOS)

4) Only one of the DHCP pools can be active at any one time. The pool that is active is determined by which VLAN interface is currently active

5) Only ports within the same VLAN as the active VLAN interface will be able to obtain an IP address from the locally configured DHCP pool on the 2950 switch.

In your case, you caonconfigure the pool for all the 3 vlans but only 1 vlan hosts will recieve the DHCP address.

IF you want it to work for all the 3 Vlans, you choose one of the options below:

1.Use windows server as dedicated DHCP server.

2. Configure DHCP on router.

3. Configure DHCP pools only any L3 switch in the network.

Here are the sample commands to configure the DHCP on the switch.

Create a DHCP IP address pool for the IP addresses you want to use.

Router(config)# ip dhcp pool VLAN10

Router(dhcp-config)# network /24


Router(dhcp-config)#dns-server x.x.x.x

Router(dhcp-config)#default-router VLAN 10 IP address

Router(dhcp-config)#lease 7


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