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I have a cisco 2950 that I can console and it has no user name and password and ip set at

When i use the cisco network assistance for the equipment it ask me for user name and password and it will not let me in if I use blank

Do I need to set up an username and password on this equipment or is there a default one for cisco network assistance


Re: 2950

You'll have to set one up, it's easy though.

username cisco password cisco (passwd not encrypted)

username cisco secret cisco (passwd is encrypted)

Hope that helps.

Community Member

Re: 2950

It must be a privilege command I do not see it under help

but when I enable privilege it ask for password is there a default one for cisco

Since the new admin and the old admin is long gone

Re: 2950

No default one. Do you have an old config? We could maybe reverse it if they put in a non-MD5 one. Otherwise you'll have to do a password recovery on the switch.

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Re: 2950

sorry no old config file

can you please send me recover link

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