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2960-24TT-L Port Errors

I just configured a 2960 switch with 3 VLAN's. I'm having some issues with interfaces when I go look at the system log. They are constantly going up and down.

Here is an example:

Description: Interface FastEthernet0/9, changed state to down

Explanation: The interface hardware went either up or down.

Recommended Action: If the state change was unexpected, confirm the configuration settings\n\ for the interface.



Re: 2960-24TT-L Port Errors

The log messages that you see are common when your logging is set to informational. If users are shutting down, booting, restarting a PC you will see this log entry. You should disregard this message unless it appears to be happening frequently, if so I would recommend checking out the device connected to that switchport.



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Re: 2960-24TT-L Port Errors

Thank you for your reply Mark. We connected two different laptops that work fine with no issues to multiple ports and the interface was generating these errors. However when I did a continuous ping to those two laptops not a single packet loss out of 2000 pings. So it is safe to say that my configuration is ok? I see these messages even if nothing is connected to the port. These errors show up as "Critical" errors.

Re: 2960-24TT-L Port Errors

Hi Mark,

What is on port 9? If this is a critical uplink, I'd say you have a problem on your hands, but, as the previous poster mentioned, if this is a user, there isn't anything to be worried about there. It will get printed whenever somebody connects/disconnects from the port.

You can try using the command 'no logging event link-status' on the interface to squelch the messages if desired.

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Re: 2960-24TT-L Port Errors

Mainly its fe01, 0/9 and 0/12 generating these errors. 1 and 9 had laptops connected to it. However nothing is connected to them right now, they are simply access ports. 12 we have a Server connected to it.

These critical errors are showing up under system messages and show up, if some thing is connected or not connected to the ports.

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Re: 2960-24TT-L Port Errors

Just wanted to let every one know that after working with Cisco TAC we are replacing that switch.

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