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2960, 3560 and sfp ports

Hi, I was wondering if someone help with this query? I'm replacing some old DLink switches with Cisco's but have one multimode fiber run between two buildings approx 350m apart. The Dlinks currently handle 100mb (st->sc connectors)but I want to upgrade to gigabit. Are there sfp modules that would allow me to do this on either or both of the 2960's and 3560's. Are there any other things i need to know about e.g. conditioning cables etc. Any help would be appreciated. Gavin


Re: 2960, 3560 and sfp ports

These are the available gigabit SFPs for those switches. The following link also contains the fiber cable you must use for each type of sfp

Next you can find the compatibility matrix between sfp models and switches

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any other queries

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Re: 2960, 3560 and sfp ports

Thanks Jorge,

That's helped me find the right parts but I'm a bit confused about the mode conditioning patch cable. If I use Cisco 'WS-C2960G-24TC-L' switches with 'Cisco GLC-LH-SM' transceivers then I have to use a conditioning cable with multimode fiber as per: .....but Cisco do not do a 'ST->LC' cable. I can get after market cables from other manufacturers which are 62.5um. I assume they will work with both the transceiver and our MMF run as long as there is a conditioning cable at either end. Does that seem right to you?

Thanks Gavin.


Re: 2960, 3560 and sfp ports

Yes, Cisco has SC-SC or LC-SC on 62.5-micron for Mode Conditioning Patch Cables but not a ST-LC

You can get a cable like this from other manufacturers as long as it's IEEE 802.3z-compliant and it should work with what you have

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