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New Member

2960 blocks Wireless printer

Dear Sirs.

In a warehouse location I have installed 16 Linksys WAP54GPE/WAP200E access points. All these access points are connected to a 2960 switch. Due to the roaming issues with Linksys APs all the ports on 2960 used by APs are in protected port mode.

Mobile devices (Intermec CK31 mobile computers) work good in this situation.

But the customer also has wireless printer (Intermec PF4i) in his environment. I have noticed the following issues with the printer:

1. Printer is switched on, it connects to the AP (WPA-PSK encryption is used, static IP is assigned to the printer).

2. Printer is pinged from the remote server and from a laptop which is directly connected to the same AP.

3. If the printer is not used for more than 10 minutes (nobody prints for 10 minutes) then it can not be pinged from the remote server anymore. However, I can ping and print to the printer from my laptop connected directly to the same AP at any time.

4. If the printer is constantly pinged from the remote server than everything is OK, the printer is always available.

Kindly advise if protected port mode affects this situation and what can be done in order to fix the situation.

Best regards.


Cisco Employee

Re: 2960 blocks Wireless printer


With the information given, there is no simple explanation of the observed behaviour. Some more questions:

1) Is the server on the same subnet as the printer?

2) Does this also occur if the port connecting the AP with the printer is not protected?

3) Are all ARP entries in the printer and its default gateway or the server (if on the same subnet) at the time the problem occurs?

4) Is the printer MAC address in the 2960 at the time the problem occurs?

Regards, Martin

New Member

Re: 2960 blocks Wireless printer

Hi Martin.

Thanks for your assistance.

I dont have the answer to all your questions.

I can only say that printer and AP are in the different subnet coompared to server (printer, AP, their defaul gateway, server has

I will go to the site and find out the answers to question 2,3,4.

I will keep you informed about the issue.

Kind regards


New Member

Re: 2960 blocks Wireless printer

Hi Martin.

I' d like to update this instance.

I solved the problem by enabling DHCP address on the wireless printer (instead of static IP), started DHCP server in the printers subnet, made a reservation of needed IP to the printers MAC address and setup IP address renewal in the subnet for every 5 minutes.

Now, the printer works perfect.

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