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2960 mls qos untrust ports. What output queue map is used?

Hi everyone,

I'm getting into 2960 QoS and have been punching myself for the last few weeks. Fortunately now I'm getting it and getting somewhere with the QoS labels and internal DSCP and maps and trust states.

One question came to me which I could not find an answer for:

Imagine qos is enabled I have a port with default "mls qos" configuration (meaning not trusted). As I read, DSCP and CoS values will be marked "0" on output. OK. Now imagine my cos-output-q map maps CoS 0 to queue 2 and my dscp-output-q map maps DSCP 0 to queue 4.

Which map will be used to select output-queue?

Thanks very much


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Re: 2960 mls qos untrust ports. What output queue map is used?

I think I found my answer:

Based on it and the link inside ( veeeeeery good and deep) I checked my 2960.

switch#show platform qos label

Label   : Rx queue-thr : Tx queue-thr : rewrite dscp-cos


0         2  - 2         3  - 2         FF   - FF

1        2  - 0         1  - 0         FF   - 0

2         2  - 2         3  - 2         FF   - 0

Label 1 being the label for QoS enabled on untrusted ports I get output-queue (tx queue) 1 threshold 0 which is equal to configuration queue 2 threshold 1.


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