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2960 Series - Anticipated End-of-Life?

We have a loyal customer that needs to upgrade their 2950s by October next year. It is a substantial investment for them, especially in the current market, and they are likely to keep the devices many years. We don't want to sell 2960s, only to find they go End-of-Life soon after, and need replacing again in a few years time.

So, is there any word on a replacement for the 2960 series? They must be several years old now.

Or, perhaps just an overhaul and facelift to match the new 2960 compact switches?

I know the 2960G series is already EoL, but the 2960-S covers that space anyway.

And I can't imagine Cisco just ceasing the 10/100 2960 series, without a replacement, and therefore leaving customers with only the much more expensive 10/100/1000 2960-S series.

I looked at the 2970 series, but that seems a bit odd, and restricted to just two models.

We did ask Cisco distribution, but they didn't know.

Thoughts anyone?

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