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2960 stacking

Gents We have three WS-C2960S-48TS-L swicthes which are working as standalone i want to stack them for proper redudency and efficient network design. I have checked it from cisco website and it says that it can be done. I need to know what i have to do to make them stack....ofcourse cables are required (do they have stacking cables just like 3750 at the back) secondly is there any IOS requirment (minimum)


Theer are 52 ports in total 48 RJ45 and 4XSFP


My core swicth is 4500 which has RJ45 module so can i get RJ45 ethernet SFP for my stack and just plug them in in 4500 ( i need to make the uplink as 4G) will that be achievable ? i am think to run on cable (from esch SFP in stack for each switch once i stack the swicth and make them trunk port-chanel with 4500 core so that i can have 4Gbps uplink???


Thanks guys your opinion has alweays helped me

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You need three stack modules

You need three stack modules for this. The order code is "C2960S-STACK".

Do you need all 144 RJ-45 ports for your user-devices? If not, you can connect the non-SFP ports to the core. That will safe you some money on SFPs.

And remember that a 4-Port Etherchannel will give you 4*1Gig and not 4Gig.

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