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2960X-48FPS-L does not boot with IOS 15.2-2E


i got a bunch of 2960X switches. But some of them do not boot with the new IOS Version. The older 15.0-2 EX do boot.

Does anybody have a clue why this happens? During the Bootprocess it just stops to load:


File "flash:/c2960x-universalk9-mz.152-2.E.bin" uncompressed and installed, entry poin0x3000
Loading "flash:/c2960x-universalk9-m

Thank you for your help.



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15.2(2)E is a relatively new

15.2(2)E is a relatively new IOS.  


There are several ways to load an IOS to the switch.  The most common issues or failure-to-boot cause is the IOS is corrupt when downloaded from the Cisco website.  So, naturally, when you load the IOS from the TFTP to the the switch, the switch will go into ROMmon.  


Another thing, you've got to be nuts to load 15.2(2)E.  Seriously, this IOS has so many bugs, you need a can of Raid just looking at the switch. 

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Well I want to test the

Well I want to test the software. I have a lab setup with a bunch of 2960x. I installed the software from a usbdrive. On some switches it is running and on some not. MD5 Check is fine on every device.

This is not something going to production.

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On the ones that cannot boot

On the ones that cannot boot 15.2(2)E, can you break the boot cycle using the "Mode" button?


If the answer is "yes", then try the following: 


1.  Copy the IOS BIN file from a working switch to a USB flash drive; 

2.  In ROMmon, force the switch to boot the IOS from your USB flash drive; 

3.  If it does not work, try a different IOS, like the EX3 for instance.  Try the same process, boot the BIN from your USB flash drive. 

4.  If it works, try a different IOS, like EX3, for instance.  Downgrade the IOS from 15.2(2)E to EX3 and see if the switch can boot normally. 


This exercise will determine where the fault is coming from:  IOS bug or a hardware batch problem.  


To determine if you'e got a hardware batch problem, you may need to look at the serial number of the switches working and not working.  From left to right, look at the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th numerals.  This will determine the year and month your appliances were made. 

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Hello,every Version up to 15


every Version up to 15.02-EX5 is working on the Switches. The switches which do not run 15.2 are from August 2013 while the ones which run 15.2 are from 2014.

With kind regards



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I recommend you use this

I recommend you use this thread to create a TAC Case.  


Hi, I would agreed with Leo,



I would agreed with Leo, the recommended version for the 2960X is Release 15.0.2-EX5



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