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2nd Layer 3 Switch Choosing for learning

Hi all,

I am new on there. And I want to learning more network thing base on Cisco. Special the Layer 3 on CCNA/CCNP.

And since I am for learning, so the price much as lower as possible. So I only can find 2nd products.

After I am google and read again and again on Cisco Web Site.

Final locked on two Layer 3 Switch. They are

1. 3550-12T

2. SG300-28

Some questions for who are experience on Layer 3 Switch and VLANs to VLANs management I want to ask here.

I know 3550-12T is running IOS and SG300 is not, so for learning real IOS thing, the answer look like better buy the 3550-12T, but ... I am know it age also very old, this model look like build on 10 years ago!??? I am not too clear when this release, but I know SG300-28 is the latest on sell on cisco web site.


So .... on todays cloud environment, like VMWare, M$ Hyper-V (Yes I am learning MCSE too) (Yes I am running Server 08 R2/2012 on my 2nd HP DL360 G5), it is why I need build a full VLANs to VLANs full layer 3 network to support the service such as iSCSI SAN etc....

Base on above case, do this old 3550-12T 10 Port giga Layer 3 Switch still good to support above case, special can control the network VLAN1 to VLAN2 by port/something that need on it base on IP/User/ on some PC can, but some PC can't access etc? (By Routing on this way).

So the 3550-12T still value for buy on today using environment?


If later I have money and finded 2nd SG300-28, do the 3550-12T can work together with it on VLAN and routing together etc?


What is their using different on Layer 3 compare both 3550-12T & SG300-28 and VLAN to VLAN that for the MCSE case like above?


Do the 3550-12T can using GUI like the SG300-28? I know learning CCNA/CCNP on IOS much full CLI, but for a newbie, can access by any GUI will be easier for starting anything.


I see the latest IOS such as 12.2(44)SE have a 64/16M on it list (Software download List, I had download the IP Service with Dev Management tar and using 7-zip to unzip it, it is near 10MB totoal), if the 2nd 3550-12T just 64/8 (I see it sh ver output look something like this ...) then do it still can upgrade to this latest IOS with the Dev Managemnt? Or it will be failed since the 8M flash out of memory? Do this can upgradeable and where can buy if it can upgrade?

Sorry too many newbie questions ask there, I hope my money use value.

Thank you of your time and help.

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Re: 2nd Layer 3 Switch Choosing for learning


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For a learning L3 switch, you might look for an 8 (or 12) port 3560.  It's IOS would be more feature current than a 3550.

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Re: 2nd Layer 3 Switch Choosing for learning

Thx, but it 2nd price over my budget more ...

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