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3500XL and 2950

I purchased two Cisco Switches 3500XL and 2950 from ebay hoping that I could use it for my Voice Lab. Do these switches support Layer 3 and POE? Is there any specific command to enable POE if it supported?

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Re: 3500XL and 2950


Unfortunately they do not support PoE or Layer 3 switching.

The 3500XL switches went end of life some time ago and do not support rapid-pvst / mst.

The 2950 is still a good switch but is due to go end of life shortly I believe.

If you want layer 3 switching / routing you would be better buying a cheap 2500 / 2600, the lowest model layer 3 switch is a 3550 - and depends on the enhanced image being on it.

You can get hold of a 2500 / 2600 router for next to nothing on Ebay these days.

The lowest PoE switch is a 2960, but make sure you get the correct model as only one model supports PoE and again if memory serves its only on the first 8 ports.

Hope this helps.


Re: 3500XL and 2950

They are definitely not L3 switches.

The 2950 supports the "switchport voice vlan command" but it won't power on the IP phones so you'll need to connect the phone to the wall power jack.

There is one model of 3500XL that supports PoE: WS-C3548-XL-EN

not sure if this is the one you have

2950 Configuring Voice VLANs

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Re: 3500XL and 2950

PoE version of the 3500XL is either the 3524-PWR XL or 3548-PWR XL.

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