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3550 ports 1 and 2 no LED after post or status check

I have a 3550 that I want to buy but all the LEDS are illuminated after post except the PORTs 1 and 2. The seller claims to have no ideal how to console in but it looks like the switch is not totally dead because the rest of the ports are on. I know you can change MODES but can not find any troubleshooting help. Also after a different power up we had this issue...3550 no system status LED on or ports 1 and 2 no LED

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Re: 3550 ports 1 and 2 no LED after post or status check

According to Cisco 3550 Troubleshooting

While the switch powers on, it automatically begins POST, a series of tests that verifies that the switch functions properly. POST lasts approximately 1 minute. When the switch begins POST, the port LEDs turn green, the system LED blinks green, the RPS LED turns off, and then the first two port LEDs turn off. When POST completes, the port LEDs return to the status mode display, and the system LED is green. If POST fails, the system LED is amber, and the port LED associated with the test is amber.

You really need to check the console during boot, connect via a rolled console cable, one is provided with just about every Cisco device, or get one of ebay very cheaply.

If the vendor doesn't have the credentials be suspicious of true ownership, but if you are sure it is relatively easy to perform a password recovery is you have physical access.

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