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3550 switch config backup question

I am doing some switch upgrades and as a precuaution will need to backup switch configs before starting. I don't know whether the running conf has been wri m'd already - so will copy and paste the running config to a text file to be safe. My question is - it is obviously much easier to copy & paste a config from the console than it is to set up tftp server and pull accors the config that way. However, is any information ever missed by copy/paste as compared to a tftp of the config? And come to think of it anyway - could you ftp a running config as it is not strictly a file?


Re: 3550 switch config backup question

copy and paste should work ok . Its basically a text file so nothing gets missed from a copy and paste versus tftping a file to a server . Its just a lot easier to have a tftpserver to write to . Yes you can tftp a running config file . "copy tftp running-config"

Re: 3550 switch config backup question

Like Glen stated you can copy the running config to TFTP. Then on your new switch copy from TFTP to the switch. Once the config is in flash, copy it over to the running config with copy flash:/running-conf runn. This will copy all the commands from the file to the running config and you won't miss anything. Once you configure the information local to the switch (ie SSH, SNMPv3 users, etc.) you can save it to startup config.

Hope that helps.

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