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3560 multicast same vlan but multiple switches

This question might be better suited for the IP Communications forum but here's my issue. I have several 3560's connected via trunk ports to a 6500. I am running a voice paging app called Checkmate which allows paging from 1 cisco IP Phone to many Cisco IP Phones. As I understand it, it uses IP Multicast to do this. All of the phones are on the same VLAN and subnet as the server so no multi-cast traffic should need to route from 1 vlan to another. Paging audio is only working to users on the same switch. So if a user who is connected to the 3560 in IDF 1 creates a page, all of the phone in the building will beep, but audio is only heard by other users who are also connected to IDF 1. Same thing for IDF 2 and so on. Has anybody had this issue in the past that would like to share some insight? Thanks!


Re: 3560 multicast same vlan but multiple switches

In order for IGMP snooping to work correctly you need to have statically configure an mrouter port.

This URL should help you::

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