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3560 QoS Issues

Hello Everyone,

I am struggling around with QoS configuration on a 3560.

I have configured the following:

class-map match-all VOICE

match access-group name VOICE

policy-map VOICE

class VOICE

set ip dscp ef

ip access-list extended VOICE

permit ip any any log

interface fastEthernet 0/1

service-policy input VOICE

If you see it is a straight forward QoS configuration for match everything. I did this as an example but I created a full class configuration with different networks for matching the signaling, mission critical traffic, etc.

The problem is that when I input a show policy-map int fa0/1 I don't see any counters. I don't see also any matches with the show access-list command.

mls qos is also enable.

Can anyone give me some help here?



Re: 3560 QoS Issues

That is because the 35xx implement QoS very differently that a router. It's more

Read the below link on QoS:-


New Member

Re: 3560 QoS Issues

Thanks for your response but your link is not applicable. I am configuring a 3560 not a 3550. The 3550 uses WRR for the queuing and 3560 Shaped Round Robing. Also the problems that I am having are regarding marking. I cannot see any hit counts. All the configuration has been made using the Cisco QoS SRND.

Any other ideas?

Re: 3560 QoS Issues

Good point - well spotted!

if you have read the QoS SRND - surely you also read the MLS QoS Verification Commands???

show mls qos

show mls qos map

show mls qos interface

show mls qos interface policers

show class-map

show policy-map

show policy interface

Which I think are the only real show commands you can use - but I have read a caveat somewhere that reads the show access-list and show policy-map commands do not really work on this platform.

Also once you have configured your Ingress marking and your Queueing, Dropping & Scheduling config....the only command that will show you anything is:-

show platform pm if-numbers

check to see the port value number of the interface you want to see stats about then:-

show platform port-asci stats drop port #


New Member

Re: 3560 QoS Issues

Hello Andrew,

Thanks again for the response. Let me build the full configuration again and use your show commands to check hit counts. I will get back to you today. A caveat looks like the issue.

Thanks again,


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