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3560v2 specification

I'm wondering about information that Cisco provide about 3560v2. I've just tried to find the specification of RAM for 3560v2 but nothing found. I just saw only compact flash 32MB why? Isn't 3560v2 need RAM? I don't think so. (grin) and one more question, is Forwarding bandwidth and switching fabric has the same meaning?

Please help me..

I knew, these are silly questions but I really didn't found these information.

Thank you in advance


Re: 3560v2 specification

You are right. Not sure why RAM info is missed in Data Sheet. It should be 128M, the same as previous 3560.

Here is a Q&A link.

Forwarding bandwidth is the capacity of switching fabric, which is 32Gbps.

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Re: 3560v2 specification

Thank for your opinion.

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Re: 3560v2 specification

Memory is 32 mb and not compact flash.

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Re: 3560v2 specification

Hi, leolaohoo

In my option, it is compact flash that use to store IOS or configuration file it's not memory that use to run running-configuration. What do you think?

Thank for your opinion

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Re: 3560v2 specification


I can not find any reference on Cisco website that the 3560v2 uses a Compact Flash memory as a storage. It uses a flash alright, but it does not seem to use the Compact Flash modules as the ISR routers do.

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Re: 3560v2 specification

Hello, I found "sh ver" for 3560v2 in other conversation

"(revision C0) with 122880K/8184K bytes of memory."

that means 3560v2 approximate 128MB of RAM, right?

Anyone can confirm me? ( the link below as my reference)

Re: 3560v2 specification

Yes, its RAM is 128M based on above show ver

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Re: 3560v2 specification

Thank you for confirmation.

How could I find document that mention about RAM for 3560v2 model ?

It's so strange that Cisco try to hide this information. I don't understand.

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