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3570 + 2960 vs 4507 advantages


We are currently looking for making a "core" for the network in our warehouse, and are looking at two solutions:

1. 4507, Dual sup., ethernet line card and fiber line card

2. A 3750 12 port SFP and a 48 port 2960

We are aware of the hardware differences between the two solutions, and that the 4507 would increase our reliability. However, my management has asked me since we would get 24x7x4 support on the 3750, and we could absorb 4 hours of downtime, what else does the 4507 offer besides redundancy that the 3750 does not (performance, IOS features, etc) that would make it worth the $30,000 price difference?

Thanks in advance


Re: 3570 + 2960 vs 4507 advantages

3750 does not offer any redundancy other than stacking it

4507 like other mammoth catalyst switches offers the following redundancy;

- sup engine

- power module

- power source

- hot pluggable modules

Yes, I agree that those high end switches are expensive including their yearly maintenance. By that time that any of the module fails, they are EOS or EOL.

You can try the following to your 3750

- add a spare 3750 switch to the stack. If you have 24x7 NOC, create an operation instructions that when any of the member switch in the stack fails, move the cables to the spare member switch. This will minimize MTTR.

- if the building (or data centre) have dual power source, purchase a Pulsar STS to connect to the two power source, then connect your switch to it. Now, your 3750 have redundant power source. The STS device is inexpensive.

Pulsar STS

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