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3650 PBR Limitation

I am setting up a stack of three WS-C3650-48FD.  Software version 3.3.3SE and Image version cat3k_caa-universalk9.  When I apply the following route map:

route-map STATIC-2-EIGRP permit 40
 match tag 400
 set tag 400

I get the following message:

Error Message    PLATFORM_PBR-3-UNSUPPORTED_RMAP: Route-map [chars] not supported for 
Policy-Based Routing 

Explanation    This message means that the route-map attached to an interface for policy routing contains an action that is not supported on this platform. This is a hardware limitation. [chars] is the route-map.

Recommended Action    Use the route-map map-tag permit global configuration command and the set ip next-hop ip-address route-map configuration command to reconfigure the route map to use only these supported actions.


My other route maps will match tags, apply tags and match ip address prefix-lists.  The IOS software still accepts the commands and will show int he running config.  Does this mean my route maps will not work because of the hardware limitation?  Why does it take the command if it doesn't support it?


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Does anyone have any feedback

Does anyone have any feedback?

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