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3750 Memory and Flash

I just got my bunch of Cisco Catalyst 3750-48TS-E Switches and it comes with bugged IOS Image which is 12.2(25)SEE2, now its strange that Cisco ships switches with bugged IOS image (I can understand that) but I'm more amazed that the Memory is 128MB and the Flash is 16MB (though I know it before I put the order) and it seems to be the maximum (not upgradeable) as I can't find any document for Memory and Flash options or upgrades.

I'm rapping about the Memory and Flash is because I have to upgrade the installed IOS to the latest IOS. Now, the latest IOS is 12.2(35)SE2 which requires a minimum 128MB DRAM and 16MB Flash - Note the "minimum". I'm saying now, how about 3 years later, will the IOS that will be release 3 years later minimum requirement will still be 128MB DRAM and 16MB Flash? Definitely we can't see the future, that could be the same reason the designer of this switch only put 128MB DRAM and 16MB Flash. Well, cya in this forum 3 years later :)

Any link for Memory and Flash option that I may have missed, please post.

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Re: 3750 Memory and Flash


3750 series switches are fixed configuration switches and you cannot upgarde DRAM and flash on these switches.All the fixed config switches will have the same DRAM and flash requirement for the future software releases.

If ever in future you have an IOS which requires more than 128MB DRAM and 16MB flash, you will get the whole new switch series or there will be some upgrades for the same.You will get a bulletin or trade-ins for the same to upgrade in near future.


-amit singh

Re: 3750 Memory and Flash

Hi Amit,

Thanks for the confirmation of the fixed configuration.

I know about that trade-in thing, but I'm like other human being who hates to have a long downtime just to replace the device or any module inside it - I consider anything that is longer than upgrading the IOS and rebooting the device to use the new installed IOS as "long".

"640K should be enough for anyone"

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