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3750 Metro Ethernet Rate Limiting Issue


I am having a problem with rate limiting between 2 Cisco 3750 switches. The switch ports are acting as Layer 3 interfaces and i Have throtlled the bandwidth dow to 36MB which is split using CAR. I have allocated 28MB to one accesslist and 8MB to another access list. Once i try flooding the link, the traffic ramps up to 90MB and completetly ignores the rate limiting statements on the interface. Also, packets are not being matched. When i put the exact same config on 2 routers,everything works fine. packets are matched and dropped as expected. Has anyone come across issues with rate limiting on Cisco 3750 switches?

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Re: 3750 Metro Ethernet Rate Limiting Issue

Could you post a show ver and your config?

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Re: 3750 Metro Ethernet Rate Limiting Issue


I am having a different but could be similar problem.

In order to classify packets through an ACL on a 3750 (IOS 12244SE) I've used everything... (permit any any , permit any any tcp , permit any eq www any etc...) I am not able to match any packet only ICMP traffic is policed and market with the correct values viewed on a sniffer...

I think that the ACL engine on the 3750 is not working properly.

Please , see attaches a sh runn of the partial config related and the view of the unclassified packets at the pcap file.

Any help will be great!!

Thanks in advance to all folks


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Re: 3750 Metro Ethernet Rate Limiting Issue

Suggest you repost this as its own item.

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