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3750 Stack boot issue


I just had something strange happen and I am not sure why.

I have a c3750 switch stack with 1 Master and 3 Member switches. All 4 switches have RPS power connected.

Member switch 3 at the bottom of the stack showed that the onboard power supply had failed and RPS had taken over. I had a spare 3750 to take its place, and every device in member switch 3 was multihomed with member switch 2. so we pulled the RPS power cable on member switch 3 to replace the switch.

Once we pulled the RPS power cable member switch 1 and member switch 2 boot, and member 3 is down(obviously). the Master stayed up.

Why did member 1 and member 2 boot when I pull power of member 3? This isnt nomral operation is it?



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Re: 3750 Stack boot issue

Did you disable the RPS first? (which would

have shut down switch 3).

Maybe glitch out of the RPS caused the other 2

to reboot.


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Re: 3750 Stack boot issue

that I did not do. RPS was acting as the only power and we removed the cable. Perhaps i should have done that first.

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Re: 3750 Stack boot issue

Unfortunately, in our experience with the RPS 1300, that is about normal operation.

We use the RPS 1300s a lot on our campus, and any time we have to toggle the status on them, there's about a 50/50 shot one or all of the attached 3750s reboot.

It's to the point we go through a full network-down procedure (notification, etc.) any time we have to toggle states on the 1300s.

It's not the way its SUPPOSED to work, but is the way it does work. Very frustrating.

Our experience with the 2300s (the newer ones) is limited, but so far we've had 2 incidents and neither one resulted in affecting other stack members, but that's not a lot to go on.

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