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3750 Stacked

Here is the scenario.

2 3750s stacked.

1 3750 spare (Not in stack)

if say a 3750 dies that is in the stack, and you replace the other 3750 with the spare will the config of the old switch move over to that new switch. I want to say no it wont, for various reasons. Can anyone confirm this?


Re: 3750 Stacked

The conf will move over.

otherwise the new switch could not take over incase the old also breaks down.

However depending if the switch id is right or not I think that it will either superimpose the config on the switch or just add the switch.

Re: 3750 Stacked

Here's a link on how to properly add a slave switch to a cluster.

Hope it helps.

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Re: 3750 Stacked

The 3rd switch will not be in the stack. It will only go in in the event that a particular switch dies.

Switch 1 and Switch 2 are running fine in the stack. If switch 2 Dies and Switch 3 physcally replaces it what will happen to the configs for hte old Switch 2. Will it transpose to switch 3. That is my Q

Re: 3750 Stacked

I understand your question. In the link I provided it explains how to add a switch (whether it's failed or adding more ports is irrelevant). Read the sections on Stack Master Election and Add a Provisioned Switch to a Switch Stack. You would need to make the 'good' switch the new master (assuming the switch that failed was the master) and the replacement switch the slave. The working config will be copied over after election. One thing to note is if one of the switches fails in your switch cluster, after you add the replacement switch, you will have to reboot them so they can have an election and create the stack.

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Re: 3750 Stacked

Great Thanks Colin.

Off reading i shall go

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