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3750 stackwise license ?

I stacked 2 3750 switckes and now they both have ip advanced services IOS.

Switch 1 had ip advanced services.

Switch 2 had ipbase.

Do I need to buy 1 upgrade?




Re: 3750 stackwise license ?


You need to buy a licence to comply with licencing laws....

Q. Does it cost more for a Layer 3 or special-features license?

A. The Cisco Catalyst 3750-24TS-E, 3750-24PS-E, 3750-48TS-E, 3750-48PS-E, 3750G-24T-E, 3750G-24TS-E, 3750G-24TS-E1U, 3750G-24PS-E, 3750G-48TS-E, 3750G-48PS-E, 3750G-16TD-E, and 3750G-12S-E are loaded with the IP Services Software Image which is included in the standard list price. However, the Cisco Catalyst 3750-24TS-S, 3750-24PS-S, 3750-24FS-S, 3750-48TS-S, 3750-48PS-S, 3750G-24T-S, 3750G-24TS-S, 3750G-24TS-S1U, 3750G-24PS-S, 3750G-48TS-S, 3750G-48PS-S, 3750G-16TD-S, 3750G-12S-S, and 3750G-12S-SD switches are loaded with the IP Base Software Image. Cisco Catalyst 3750-24TS-S, 3750-24TS-S1U, and 3750-48TS-S can be upgraded to the IP Services Software Image with the purchase of the IP Services Software Image upgrade kit (part number CD-3750-EMI=) for $1995. The Cisco Catalyst 3750G-24T-S, 3750G-24TS-S, 3750G-16TD-S, 3750G-12S-S, and 3750G-12S-SD can be upgraded to the IP Services Software Image with the purchase of the IP Services Software Image upgrade kit for 24 port or less 3750GE models (part number CD-3750G-EMI=) for $3995. The Cisco Catalyst 3750G-48T-S and the 3750G-48PS-S can be upgraded to the IP Services Software Image with the purchase of the IP Services Software Image upgrade kit for 48 port 3750GE models (part number CD-3750G-48EMI=) for $7995. The IP Base Software Image includes RIP and static routing. For dynamic IP routing features (BGPv4, OSFP, EIGRP, IGRP), the IP Services Image is required.

Here is the full link which answers many questions.

you may wish to break the stack link and connect these switches via SFP or FastEthernet link and then downgrade the Switch 2 to IP Base if Management refuses to authorise you cost to stay licence compliant.




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Re: 3750 stackwise license ?

My understanding is a bit different from Shaheen's. I understood that the license covered what was contained on an individual 3750's flash. If you had mixed feature licenses within a stack, it was legitimate to run stack; the highest featured image is usually elected. (NB: I believe if the higher featured 3750 stack member failed, the running software reverts to lower featured version.) However, if you upgraded the stack's software, which normally sets all stack member's images the same, this could place you out of license. (I.e. legally, you would need to break the stack to upgrade it.)

I can't find a reference to this at the moment. The Q&A reference Shaheen refers to, doesn't really address running images within a stack.

Perhaps someone from Cisco could clarify this with a document reference.


I also understood, the 3750-E series have restrictions regarding mixed licenses, of those models, within the same stack.

Re: 3750 stackwise license ?


This is what Cisco says:--

Upgrades Apply to All Devices in the Stack

Because the switch stack behaves like a single unit, upgrades apply universally to all members of the stack at once. This means that if an original stack contains a combination of AIPv6, EMI, and SMI functions on the various switches, the first time a Cisco IOS Software upgrade is applied, all units in the stack will take on the characteristic of the image applied. While this makes it much more efficient to add functionality to the stack, it is important to make sure all applicable upgrade licenses have been purchased before allowing units to be upgraded from SMI to EMI or AIPv6 functions. Otherwise, those units will be in violation of Cisco IOS Software policy.

and here is the refrence for the above

I hope this helps



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Re: 3750 stackwise license ?

Shaheen, I think it does help. It also seems to support my understanding. Note how it applies to an stack upgrade placing some stack members out of license (due to their image's feature capability being changed). It doesn't say a mixed (of feature license) stack is in violation.

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