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3750 switch as DHCP server - Capacity question

Hi folks,

I have a question regarding using a 3750 for a DHCP server. I have read thru the switching community forum and see many posts concerning a DHCP server an how to configure and the use of multiple vlans, etc... I was wondering if anybody out there might be running or have customers that might have already used this in their environment.

Why: I have two 5508 WLC controllers in my DMZ that are running DHCP services along with anchoring guest services. I want to remove the DHCP services from the controllers and place them on a 3750 in the DMZ. I usually have over 12,000 DHCP leases (6k per WLC) per day. My question is do you think that a 3850 can RELIABILITY run as a DHCP server and serve out over 12k addresses daily?   My options are to run this on an existing 3750 stack currently running in the DMZ servicing our devices in the DMZ or my other thought was to run this on a standalone 3750 with no traffic and just a “DHCP server”.

Thanks in advance.

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3750 switch as DHCP server - Capacity question


For that many IP address a day, I would not use a switch as a DHCP server. I get a server or 2 and configure them as DHCP servers and spread the load among both servers.

Just may opinion


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