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3750 vlan-watchguard firewall

Need some help. I have a watchguard firewall configured as drop-in mode. From the firewall created 2 secondary network and On the fiewall on a separate interface I assigned the On the 3750 have configured vlan1 and vlan 5 On VLAN1 I have Windows 2008 r2a dhcp server configured with scopes and On the switch I assigned an IP helper address to When I enable the port on the firewall and spoofing and no communication from the DHCP server on Anyone with a watchguard firewall in drop-in mode have any issues configuring VLANS.

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3750 vlan-watchguard firewall

Tell me if I am wrong. . From the controller>>>>>Port1 connected to Wood 3750 switch port fa2/0/15(switchport access mode)>>>Wood 3750 is connected on port g/1/0/3 to port G1/0/1 on Massey(Trunk)>>>>Massey port G2/0/3 is connected to Vestal G1/0/3(Trunk). On Vestal fa1/0/1 (switchport mode access)is connected to the firewall Trusted Interface1 ( The firewall external is connected to the ISP router. Vestal fa1/0/16 (switchport access mode)is connected to the firewall Intface3 Optional( a laptop I recieve an IP address from the dhcp server. When attempting to browse Internet, it timesout and I get spoofing.

2012-04-23 16:52:21 Deny http/tcp 2033 80 1-Trusted 0-External ip spoofing sites 48 126 (Internal Policy) proc_id="firewall" rc="101" tcp_info="offset 7 S 3067630983 win 65535" Traffic

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