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3750e vs 4948 in the dataCenter

we're looking for top of the rack switches in the data center. These will be for server connectivity. Stacking features of 3750e look pretty appealing as far as management goes. Would there be significant performence gain by going with 4948s? any one out there running 3750E's in the DC? Do you see output queue drops on these?? thoughts???

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Re: 3750e vs 4948 in the dataCenter

Hi I am looking for similar information. Have you found anything out?

It looks like the 4948's are designed for high performance, low latency offerring per-port buffering.

Maybe one of the experts can provide us with an answer?

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Re: 3750e vs 4948 in the dataCenter

Here is a link to a previous thread on this subject -

A lot does come down to features needed so there is no definitve answer to this. You need to know all possible features you want to run and then from the data sheets

i) work out whether the switch supports those features

ii) work out how the switch handles these features ie. software or hardware.

Sheer throughput i believe the 4900 series switches win but you may not need this much throughput. There was also a recent "Ask the Experts" on 4900 switches so i would have a look there as well

I'm assuming you guys know how to get to the data sheets. If not -

"Products & Services" from menu along top of Cisco homepage.

Select "Switches" and from the next page the switch model you are interested in and then among the links at the bottom is one for the data sheets.


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Re: 3750e vs 4948 in the dataCenter

A comment on the second reference. That thread is mainly about the 4900M, which is a very powerful box in a small package. Big jump up in performance from 4948s, although perfect if you're going to work with 10 gig connections. Personally, I think the 4900M could make for an interesting 10 gig core or distribtion switch/router.

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Re: 3750e vs 4948 in the dataCenter

On the face of the PPS and fabric bandwidth specs, the 4948(10-GE) and 3750-E (and 3560-E) series should perform alike as individual devices. The 3750-E stack is limited by its stack cable's bandwidth, compared to something like a 6500/sup720, but assuming most traffic is to/from uplinks, its stack bandwidth compares, not too badly, with something like a 6500/sup32.

Besides the feature of dealing with a 3750-E as one logical device, it supports, I believe, cross stack member 10 gig Etherchannel. With the 3750-E stack, you also have the option for higher port density local (stack) L2 or even L3 vs 4948-10GE.

Not too long ago, I was involved with a data center upgrade where 3750-E stacks were selected for server rows. They haven't been installed yet, so can't report how well they work, but will say, same upgrade also installed mixed 3750G/3750-E stacks for user closets, and they have performed well.

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