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3750G Switch - Multicast Question

Have this 3750G 48 port Gigabit switch in operation using multicast with minimal traffic now (320 M/bit). Would like to create 5 VLans each with approx 700 M/bit of multicast traffic. Question: Will this switch be capabable of this load? Is it OK for the receiving devices of this multicast traffic to span VLan's? Is 12.2(35) an adequate software version to support this application?

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Re: 3750G Switch - Multicast Question

The Catalyst 3750 can process multicast traffic at line rate for all ports including 10/100 and GigE.  The 3750 supports the following types of multicast entries: IGMP/MLD snooping, PIM (*,G), PIM (S,G) entires.  The switch can support up to 1000 entries which is a combination of any of the above entries.

All 3xxx products can replicate traffic for each multicast entry in the hardware and can support up to line rate (no packet drops) performance of multicast traffic for that group.  This has been tested with up to 128 layer-3 PIM enabled ports or SVI interfaces.  Multicast traffic has been tested for all 1000 multicast routes with varying frame sizes from 64 to 9000 bytes.

For IGMP reporting the switches were tested with 1000 IGMP packets per second across all 1000 groups in the IGMP snooping cache under normal utilization CPU load continues.

Understanding the SDM Templates

3750 Data Sheet - Support 1000 multicast routes

The info above is applicable to 12.2(35)SE.  The latest code available is 12.2(54)SE.  There have been a lot of changes since 12.2(35)SE.  The best thing to do is reach out to your Cisco Account Team (e.g. Systems Engineer or Network Consulting Engineer) to make a code recommendation for you based upon your specific network topoloyg and requirements.


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