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3750G trunk errors

Hi, I have a few servers setup to do LACP NIC Teaming on the servers and I setup my ports in this way.

switchport trunk encap dot1q

switchport trunk allowed vlan 20

switchport mode trunk

switchport nonegotiate

channel-protocol lacp

channel-group 10 mode active

I do this for both ports and it creates the LACP tream fine and detects the server nics with no problem. The etherchannel shows connected and traffic passes in and out.

But I look under CNA and see that I am getting hundreds of "packets with errors"

Under "Receive packets" I see that all the errors have to do with undersized packets. Is this a big problem? anyone care to give me some advice on how I troubleshoot or fix it ?


Re: 3750G trunk errors

Check the nic settings on the servers they have to match what the switchports are set for speed and duplex , if the nic is set as auto then the switchport must be set as auto, if the nic hardcoded to a specific speed and duplex then you must hardcode the switchports on the etherchannel the same .Or it just might be this which is cosmetic.

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Re: 3750G trunk errors

I'm running the Latest IOS for the 3750G so that cosmetic problem should be fixed as they say. The NIC speeds are all set to auto as are the switches.

Attached is the output I get.

The 2 NICs on the server are set to a LACP Nic team and are speed/duplex auto/auto.

This is happening on all of my Nic Team Etherchannels. I have about 8 of them.

Any other ideas ?

Re: 3750G trunk errors

can you check if there is any speed/duplex mismatch between swithport and server NICs?

make sure both ends are either set to auto/auto or if hardset it should be same at both ends.

hope to help .. rate if it does..

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Re: 3750G trunk errors

Speeds are set to auto on all. I keep receiving undersized packets and it reports as Packets with Errors.

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