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3750V2 stack..Low memory

Hi Team

we have a stack of catalyst 3750v2 switches wherein currently we have observed the problem of low memory.Generally the problem is resolved by relaoding the stack.currently we are running software 15.0.2 SE on the switches.Just wanted to know when we get the low memory issue and the stack becomes unreachable (no putty /console connection) , is is the memory allocation issue due to higher memory utilization.

Note--The Cat 3750 switches withd default configuration has memory utlization of around 70%..The moment we enable certain feature and the stack becomes operational,the utilization goes upto 90% on daily is it the case that the merory utilization is going beyond this (spmehwhere 95% or above) and we get this error.

Should we get malloc failure kind of error in these situation.

Please guide.



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3750V2 stack..Low memory


I"ve had the same exact issue with the 15.0(2)SE software as well, but on the 2960. I even opened a TAC case on it and it is a bug with the software that is yet to be fixed to my knowledge. Right now I would highly suggest downgrading to the 12.2 train like 12.2(55)SE5 if you can. This is my response is that previous post:

Mar 8, 2013 1:17 PM (in response to Ivan Shirshin)

Re: 12.2(58)SE2 on a 2960 cause memory leaks

Please note 15.0(2)SE2 is having the same memory leak issue. Including a bug that will not allow you to access the box by any means (SSH, Telnet, or Console). All my 2960's at one of my locations were upgraded to this new code this week and all are displaying memory leak issues. I will be rolling back this weekend to 12.2(55)SE5. I spoke to TAC this morning about this issue and they said that although the release notes says the caveat for the low memory error on the console is resolved, there is now a new issue causing another memory leak.

Be warned, avoid 15.0(2)SE2 for 2960s!!!

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3750V2 stack..Low memory


Even couple of months back we had opened Tac case wherein after looking at the memory stats cisco confirmed that its not the memory leak or memory fragmentation nor a bug.Cat 3750V2 as a platform takes higher memory.On our request they did a lab testing and confirmed that even with default config the  with no user connected the switch/stack uses around 70-75% memory.what they confirmed is till the time we do not malloc fail kind of error its safe to run the operation as this is platform behaviour.

now we have staerted getting these low memory erros.not sure weather its time to change the paltform as cat 3750v2 has to memory upgade option.

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3750V2 stack..Low memory

Well at any rate you utilization seems abnormally high. Are these switches also running layer 3 services (OSPF, BGP, etc)? I have multiple sites deployed with 3750 stacks. For example, I have one site with two 3750 8 switch stacks. Both are highly populated  but are used for layer 2 only and their memory utilization is rougly 67 and 70% respectively. I am using 12.2(55)SE5 on both with no issues.

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