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3750X 15.2.1E3 Updated Release Notes

I'm trying to find the updated release notes for 15.2.1E3 on the 3750X platform.

The link given on the IOS download page has not been updated with the E3 release info:

It only shows the caveats up to E2.


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It looks like the folks in

It looks like the folks in charge of that neglected to publish the updated notes. I checked it myself two different ways and found the same thing.

If you have a unit under Smartnet support, you could open a case and request the latest release notes.

The notes are also missing

The notes are also missing for the 2k, 3k and 4k.  Surely a part of the release process is to make sure the notes get published on CCO though?

FratianiD - did you ever get

FratianiD - did you ever get a response for this?   Those release notes are still not online.  I submitted a feedback request but never heard back.

Rumour is that a 15.2(2)E build should be out soon, so maybe it's worth waiting for that..

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No, I never did.I don't have

No, I never did.

I don't have support or anything so the best I can do is ask here.

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