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3850 switch stack configuration assistance

Hi all,

We just ordered new 3850s to replace 3750s supporting part of our data center. I am planning to install these in a stack configuration much like our 3750s have been running before my time here. I am looking for configuration guide / best practices / procedure / whatever you want to call it type documentation that will help me get these configured. I am gathering that there is a sequence that should be followed in creating this new stack. I am thinking that this would include some basic configuration on each switch prior to creating the stack and then follow up steps once the stack is created. I would then start addressing the standard switch configuration stuff. I am used to the way the 3750 stack works but I was not part of its configuration and installation.

Can I search for the generic stackwise type information or should I be looking for items more specific to the 3850s? I figure this type of information does reside somewhere on CCO I just have not found what I am looing for so far.

Thanks in advance ....


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Re: 3850 switch stack configuration assistance

Hi Brent,

The stack configuration for the 3750 series is the same as the 3850 series.  Basicly, you need to have the same exact IOS in all your switches with the same license level.  For example, if you purchased IP base license level, it should be the same for all switches. The other thing that you want to do is to assign priorities to your switches, so you always know which switch is the master and if the master fails what switch becomes the master.

I usually assign the highest priority (15) to the master and the first member get 12 and the next member 10 and so on. This way, I know, if switch-1 (the master) fails, switch 2 with priority 12 will be the next master and so on....

here is good doc for reference to start with.

BTW, you don't need any config on the member switches, you only configure the master.


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