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3com 3500 corebuilder migraton

All, I have a manufacturing site (1500+) users - site is 24/7 so down time is minimal.

Lan refresh is planned to change over to all Cisco infrastructure.

I am trying to find best scenario for the core migration.

Core builder

3com 3500 18 100 baseT ports - (5 free)

6 x 100FX ports (non available) - 3 not working

5 vlans

Sites internet routers attached,

New core

Cisco 4510 + 4500 sup card V

The sub closets will be migrated one by one, but I need a good solution to complete the core migration.

Need to make sure vlan traffic at worst is kept the same..Was thinking of aggregating the available 3com ports to the new Cisco at L2, once all closets are migrated over to Cisco enable L3 on the 4500 and close the 3com core builder down?

Your Input most appreciated.


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Re: 3com 3500 corebuilder migraton

You need to manually config the 45xx as core.

Line by line, you should config all the vlans, HSRP, ACLs, SNMP, <> assigned & config the ports<< trunk, speed, dup, vlan, etc>>etc on the 45xx. If you have redundancy make sure you config the mode<>.

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