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4500 boot

i dont know why the ios on the sup-6e was deleted.

how boot from tftp server, im receiving a error message when i type boot tftp://192.168......


Re: 4500 boot

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Re: 4500 boot

Mark, the supervisor module in the CAT4510R-E is 6-E,

I follow the instructions but I still having problems..., I did a copy of IOS and renamed it ios.bin

rommon 3 >boot tftp://

Tftp Session details are ....

Filename : /ios.bin

IP Address :

Loading from TftpServer:

Tftp session failed: Access violation

rommon 4 >

My tftpd32 program show this error...

Error EACCESS on file /ios.bin Ext error The directory name is invalid.

I tried many ways with the ios.bin location (in the root /, with subdirectory tftpboot f.e.x...I don't know what is the problem.....

please help me.


Re: 4500 boot

There seems to be an issue with your TFTP server. Tftpd32 is a great TFTP server but can be a little more complex than it should be. I keep a folder on the C: drive called TFTP with all the TFTP contents and keep the security at none. If you want to try something a little easier I also recommend solar winds TFTP server.



PS: Don't forget to disable or allow TFTP access temporarily through your desktop firewall if you have one.

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Re: 4500 boot

For time reasons not was possible continues troubleshooting with the tftp server. I just use a Compact Flash in the slot0 with the ios. after boot i just copy the ios to the bootflash and change the boot variables.


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Re: 4500 boot

I believe the problem is the BOOTLDR variable. But I don't had time to test it.

Re: 4500 boot


You can find the values in the link I posted before to configure the BOOTLDR variables.


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Re: 4500 boot


I had the same problem.

Just upgrade to the latest version of tftpd32 and everything worked fine!


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