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4500 Booting problem

I have a problem that appears not to be covered in the troubleshooting docs.

i have 3 4507Rs each with 2 Supe V Ten Gig supervisor engines.

One one switch both supes display the problems on the other switches one supe shows the same problem.

When connected to the console port the switch will boot in rom mon, run diagnostics with no errors and then start to load IOS. After loading IOS and appearing to come up normally (ie watching interface states change and getting the press return to get started)

the following line appears in the console:

00:00:34: %SYS-5-RESTART: System restarted --

Then the system will restart in rom mon and go through the boot process again. I have changed the register to boot without loading the config and it appears to do this but again reboots.

Is this possible a bad image or something else?

Any help is appreciated

Cisco Employee

Re: 4500 Booting problem

Hi Ronin,

It looks like your switch is continuously ging into booting loop which we should break and analyse to see what could be the issue.

Either it is a bad image or may be bad boot statement sometimes cause this issue. When it comes up and if it goes into rommon can you break the booting loop using break keys and then just issue a manual boot and see if it boots fine. If not try loading new image again and see if that resolves the issue.



Community Member

Re: 4500 Booting problem

Thanks Ankur,

I did break it in rommon and did a confreg to tell it to ignore the startup configuration. Are you saying to just try a boot flash:/cat4000-etc-etc?

I will try that and am attempting to tftp a new image to the switch. I am getting an access violation when I attempt to tftp so I am trying a different tftp software.


Community Member

Re: 4500 Booting problem

I have now broke it in rommon, had it load a new image via tftp and it exhibits the same problem of getting to the command prompt and restarting.

Community Member

Re: 4500 Booting problem

Try booting up with a config register of 0x2142 to ignore the starup config. The problem might be somewhere in there. If you can get it up and running with no startup config, start adding configuration statements to try and find the exact problem.

Community Member

Re: 4500 Booting problem

I have booted with no startup configuration and the problem still exists, the moment I get Switch> I can type about 3-4 commands before the switch reboots.

As an additional thoughts these switches were up and running until last week.

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