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4500 SUP ports confusion

Hi all,

I was reading the installation guide for 4500E switches and found this

Supervisor Ports Do Not Function

If you have dual supervisor engines in a Catalyst 4507R-E o r a Catalyst 4510R-E chassis andsome uplink

ports on the supervisor do not function, the system is functioning as designed, which is to have two

uplinks operational at all times. The dual uplinks must also work when only one supervisor engine is

present. This means that if only one supervisor engine is present and is in slot n, b oth ports n /1 and n/2

are functional. Also, if only one supervis or engine is present and is in slot n +1 , ports n+1/1 and N+1/2

are functional. When dual supervisor engines  are present, only ports n/1 and n+1/1 are functional and

n/2 andn+1/2 are not functional. For more information, refer to the redundancy chapter in the software

configuration guide.

Now what is confusing me is

1) if i have 4503/4506E with SUP 7-E, how many ports will be active ? 4 or 2 ?

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4500 SUP ports confusion

I have checked this configuration guide

But its only referring to SUP-7LE and 7E, why is that so :-( ???

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4500 SUP ports confusion

Anyone pls ?

Any guidance ?

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4500 SUP ports confusion

I think you will only get 2 on each Sup working as far as looking at mine goes, I have 2 on each SUP active.

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Re: 4500 SUP ports confusion


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Sup7 architecture is different from earlier sups, especially sup5 and earlier.  So, it's not really surprising there may be some operational differences, such as how sup ports work, or not, in a dual sup setup.

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