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4506 Stops Passing Traffic

I have a strange problem. On two different switches on two separate occasions(both 4506 with Sup V-10GE), I have had the switches just stop working. Everything on the switches look normal, lights, fans, power, etc. But you cannot ping, nor telnet, and theey did not pass any traffic. Also, there were constantly rising input errors on all trunk ports. This same phenomenon happened on both switches. And by the way they are not connected or related in any way except that the have the same hardware/software (One switch has port channeled gig trunks and the other has port channeled ten gig trunks). The interesting thing is that the trunks still show as being up and at layer 2 the switch can still see its neighbors (via CDP).

On recycling the switch everything comes back up and operates normally. If anyone has any ideas, please share.

Thanks in advance.


Re: 4506 Stops Passing Traffic

If recycling fixes the issue it is generally an issue with the unstable IOS. Backup the configuration and try to reload the IOS and check if this works. Or upgrade the IOS.

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Re: 4506 Stops Passing Traffic

Thanks for the reply. We have decided to upgrade the IOS and see if that fixes the problem. Right now it is at 12.2(25)SG. I will post if I find anything conclusive.


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