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4506e at 90% CPU

Sh platform health says K5CpuMan Review is the culprit. Cisco docs says that is caused by traffic. Is there any way to track down the specific traffic load causing the CPU load? It is a 6E supervisor
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4506e at 90% CPU

Hello Cgarringer.

The following outputs can help you to track down the source and what traffic is hitting the CPU.

You can have visibility of the problematic traffic by configuring a SPAN session to monitor the CPU.

Switch(config)#monitor session 1 source cpu rx.
Switch(config)#monitor session 1 destination interface gigabitethernet x/y

This debug is very useful, and NOT CPU intensive at all.

Switch#debug platform packet all count

platform packet debugging is on

Switch#show platform cpu packet statistics

Check under to find out what is the inteface receving more traffic process at CPU, find out what is it connected there to track down the source of the problematic traffic.


Packets Received at CPU per Input Interface

Wilson B
Cisco Employee

4506e at 90% CPU

The process that performs software packet forwarding If you see high CPU utilization due to this process, investigate the packets that hit the CPU with use of the show platform cpu packet statistics command.

Check out:

and skip down about half way, this should provide the commands needed to isolate (I also agree with Wilson's rec above.)

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Re: 4506e at 90% CPU

Thanks for the help. I found multiple interfaces with elevated traffic from the CPU, but before I could get a wire shark session to the CPU. The server group rebooted a server NOT connected to the switch. When I came in today the CPU load was 34%. Now I have to find out how a server whose traffic should never hit the problem switch was causing the problem

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