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4507 Dual Supervisor - Need to erase and start again

Hello all


I was hoping someone could help me with this. In nice plain simple langauge what is the best way to remove all configurations from a 4507 that has dual supervisors (redundancy SSO)?


I have read that you need to:


1. Remove the standby supervisor

2. Erase the NVRAM of the active

3. Reload the active supervisor

4. Remove the active supervisor

5. Replace with the previously standby supervisor

6. Erase the previously standby supervisor

7. Reload

8. Power down and replace them both, then power up


Can someone confirm that this is the correct sequence? I am struggling to find any official documentation that can verify the Cisco way.


Many thanks for your help and advice.


Hi, Normally if you issue a



Normally if you issue a write erase command with dual sups this will remove all config from both sups cards, since the active module will sync the memory with the standby module.



Thank you Leo So to confirm

Thank you Leo


So to confirm would this be a 'write erase' and 'reload' or a 'write erase' and 'redundancy reload shelf'?



Cisco Employee

Reloading 4500 is little

Reloading 4500 is little tricky. if you issue "reload", it will failover. so, you need to use "redundancy reload shelf" to reboot the entire chassis.


if you dont want the configs, why cant you simple erase the nvram contents of both the active and standby and then relaod with out saving the running config.


so, the steps would be,


1. erase nvram:

2. erase slavenvram:

3. redundancy reload shelf

4. do not save the running config when it prompts.

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